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Independent escorts Gurgaon is an open door for those is mentally not well. They play an important role in those lives that look for a close companion to reveal all her miseries. They act like a close friend or constant companion to make you feel better.

Sam was handsome boy with great personality. He falls in love with Zoya. He used to love her a lot. She was his life. They used to enjoy each other companies. He love him so much that he decided to get married with her but Zoya want to focus on her career at first. She decides to give more time to her relationship. Sam agreed to her decision. Zoya was preparing for UPSC so she joins an institution. But Zoya betrayed Sam and started dating someone else.

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Sam was very upset and fails to bear this pain as Zoya was her life. Sam could not even reveal his feeling in front of family and friends. He tried hard to get Zoya back in his life but fail. He felt like killing himself. But Sam’s friend Azad understands his friend pain and tells him about Peehu. Peehu is well known Independent Escort Gurgaon.

Sam started loving Zoya’s company and lives a good life. He liked so much that he decided to spend his vocation with her. They used to go for long drive, restaurant and movies. Sam got his life back which he had lost it when Zoya betrayed him. Sam used to much time with Peehu. She acts as close friend when Sam tries to share his pain and act as a close companion when Sam needs physical strength.

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Sam agreed to meet Peehu. Peehu is beautiful and charming girl. Sam meets her for first time in a reputed hotel in Gurgaon. On his first meeting he made good communication with her. Sam started liking Peehu as she was giving her the mental; support which he was expecting from Zoya. Sam reveals his entire pain in front of Peehu. She gave a good company to him and supports him. She made him happy by giving her shoulder to led his head. She satisfied him mentally as well as physically.

Peehu is an independent escorts Gurgaon with charming appearance. She gives personal care for all who like to enjoy with her. She offers optimum erotic pleasure, long term relationship and most important thing exceptional care. Besides all, Sam wants to put a stop on this relationship because he doesn’t allow any girl to rule his life any further.