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Priya was a beautiful and classy girl. Her primary goal was to become a fashion designer. She fights a lot in her home for becoming a fashion designer. She belongs to middle class family. Her parents told her that they don’t had enough money to bear the fees of such course. They had kept money for her marriage and for the sake of her younger brother future. They cannot allow her to waste this just for her stupid dream.

Priya’s confession from an ordinary girl to a sexy call girl in Noida

Priya feel very bad she tried to make them understand that when she will become a good fashion designer then she herself can that much that she manage her marriage. But parents force her to stop dreaming such as they won’t full fill it. Priya really upset about this and decided to leave her home to full fill her dream.

Priya was all alone for several days in her room and making communication with her parents and friends. One day one of her friend while joking suggests her about escort services. She told that you can earn money a lot and can full fill her dream. Priya had many complaints and anger for her parents. She took her friend’s joke seriously and decided to become sexy call girl in Noida.

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Priya knew it that she could not do this while residing with her parents. So she left her home to prove her talent as fashion designer. She decided to collect money as a call girl and when her dream will come true then she will quit from doing this.

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She creates her profile and left her phone number and email id for further contacting. She uploads her picture which was just amazing. A girl in blue sari with fair skin long hair till her waist and that sexy look force many men to ask for her services. Priya took this a serious job. She never disappoints her clients. She accompanies them with lot of excitement. She as sexy call girl in Noida wins the heart of many gentlemen. It was such that when people search for sexy girl then her name resembles like a star.

She after losing all hope from her parents made her dream of a fashion designer. She even meets her parents and informs that she becomes a well known fashion designer in Noida and also led a luxurious life.