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Tina was most experience Noida escort. Many escorts at their beginning stage come to learn from her about providing the escort services to different taste of men. Tina provides services to VIP people. She guesses out clients needs and accordingly she pleases them.

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Tina went for out call escort services in a well reputed five star hotel. She met Imran there; he has handsome young man who needs company of someone who could become close to him. Imran’s wife left him as he failed to spend some quality time him. It was a day when Imran’s wife is getting married to some other person. Imran was drunk and could not take this pain any more. He needs someone who can give him mental relief. Imran cried out her wife name as he loved her very much. But fail to survive his relationship.

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Imran was about to felt down on the floor but Tina hold him. He looked at Tina face clearly, and utters his wife name. Tina took Imran on bed and asked him to sleep. He could sleep as he was missing his wife very much. Tina is well experience with this type of clients and so she try to communicate him. They spend whole night while talking to each other. It was now morning and Tina to go home. Imran stop her from going as he needs someone who could be close to him.

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Tina promise to come back as she need get herself fresh and will return in an hour. Tina was back to Imran and they spend some valuable time and even went for a long drive. Tina started meeting Imran daily. In fact Tina too enjoys the company of Imran. Slowly – slowly Imran was coming out of his pain and enjoyed Tina’s company. Imran proposes Tina for a vocation in Manali. Tina agreed and they decided to go. Tina accompanies Imran very nicely. They enjoy the trip and forget his pain. Tina helps Imran in forgetting all the golden memories of his wife. His loved for wife would never receive the platform of stop but will get the stamina to live a life without his wife. His love will remain in his heart as a good memories but he can think his future without her. Tina being a Noida escort brings Imran back to his life. She teaches him the true meaning of happiness.